I am Counselling Psychologist and my name is Shenila Maharaj.  Please spend some time going through the information provided.

You are most likely contemplating the decision to attend therapy.  Making the decision to enter into the therapeutic process may be an over interrogated decision.  This may be due to the stigma attached to such a process.  Therapy, in simplistic terms, may be seen as a process that provides you with the space to explore whatever it is that you are struggling to make sense of, at any given moment. Therapy may be described as a container that holds the client and their hardships or as a safety net.


INDIVIDUAL THERAPY offers you a journey of re-discovery to establish your strengths to help you deal with whatever issue you are dealing with that may be making you feel dissatisfied, unhappy or experience other distressing feelings.

COUPLE/MARITAL THERAPY focuses on re-building or re-kindling your relationship.  Effort is made to help you and your partner understand each other better. Every couple goes through up’s and down’s in their relationship.  This is the natural progression of relationships.  If you are struggling to manoeuvre through this process, therapy might be suited for you.

PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING unpacks the dynamics of marriage to enable you to be more equipped as you enter your married life.

ONLINE COUNSELLING may be your method of choice for counselling.  If this is the case I offer sessions via Zoom and Skype.


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