A new year, a perfect opportunity to start afresh, to have a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Amongst all of the many things we could want this year, I wonder about wanting to be kinder:

KINDER TO OURSELVES:  To be able to honour our heart’s desires from the smallest desire to the largest. I wonder what difference it would make, to be able to listen to our mind and bodies. To honour the need for extra sleep instead of gym or the need for a pyjama day.

KINDER TO OUR PARTNERS – I wonder what difference it would make to recognize all the things our partner does do instead of the few things he or she doesn’t do. What difference would it make to honour the love and time together that you share.

KINDER TO OUR CHILDREN – Enjoy the small daily moments with your children no matter how tired you are and no matter how much more things you have on your to do list. It brings so much joy to wrestle on the couch with them or to lie in bed listening to their stories about their day.

KINDER TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – We all have expectations in relationships. This year I wonder what difference it would make to acknowledge your expectations of others and to tailor these expectations so that you are accepting every individual for who they are, unique quirks included.

KINDER TO EVERYONE YOUR PATH CROSSES WITH: I wonder what difference it would make, to accept that we are all doing our very best in every moment. A very wise man, Elliot Connie advised: treat your clients as if they are your role models. As if the person sitting in front of you is someone you deeply admire.  I think this would be useful to do with everyone we encounter in our lives.

I believe being kinder to everyone we have contact with, will result in a renewed sense of appreciation and amazement that will bring positivity to ourselves and others.