As the year comes to a close, we often reflect on how we have performed in the year. For some of us, it’s been an awesome and successful year.  For some of us, it’s been an average year and for some of us, it’s been a year of unmet expectations. Reflecting on the year may not always be good, so I would like to offer you a few tips:

  • Explore what you have done right, no matter how small. The tendency seems to be to look at what more.  While this is necessary, I encourage you to spend some time looking at what you have done to get to your goals. Really pause and acknowledge what you have done.
  • Celebrate your successes even though they may not have yielded the desired outcome. Doing this will enable you to build momentum and motivation for the next year. Rather than only focusing on the outcome why not focus on the small wins too and most importantly focus on the effort.
  • Reflect on your journey by avoiding the comparison trap. Stay in your process by focusing on what you have done and what more you would like to achieve. There is unlikely to be a direct and equal comparison with you and anyone else so avoid this.  Comparisons are not useful as they serve to demotivate you and get you off focus on your journey as you might be paying more attention on someone else’s journey.
  • Finally, Always be kind to yourself. Being kind enables you to open yourself up to how much more you want and deserve for yourself.