Solution Focused Principles

Useful Principles that can be used in everyday life

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a methodology that is used in therapy.  This blog covers a few solution focused principles which are simple to follow and can be incredibly useful in everyday life.

Principle 1:      If something is found not to be working, do something different.

In general terms, insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The human tendency, however, is where one repeats the same behaviour over and over despite it not working in the hopes that one day it will work.

The above principle seems so logical and obvious however it is seldom followed.  This may be due to our hopeful human nature.

Whenever you find yourself stuck, ask yourself “Am I doing the same thing over and over?” You may realise that you are repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different result.  Stop and try something different.  Once again assess if whatever you have tried is working.  Push on and try different things until you establish a solution that works for you.

Principle 2:      Small steps can lead to big changes

Change is often unsettling whether big or small.  Big changes tend to come with feeling overwhelmed and anxious and therefore are seldom followed through with.  Small changes on the other hand are more doable and sustainable.  We also tend to underestimate the impact a small change can make.  In most cases these small changes lead to the biggest results.

Going forward, think about the smallest change you can make, that you feel will get you to a better emotional space.

Principle 3:      The solution is not necessarily related to the problem

Using a problem solving approach the logic is to over interrogate the problem in the hopes of finding a solution.  Contrary to this, a solution focused approach focuses on your desired outcome which need not be related to the problem.

The next time you have an issue, try focusing on your desired outcome instead of the problem and assess if this works better for you.

In the weeks ahead I invite you to try out the principles above and assess what difference it makes for you.