The Art of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese tradition of restoring broken objects with gold.  This is such a beautiful concept that can be applied in everyday life.

It is unrealistic to expect that life will be perfect or that we are perfect and that we will not face adversity and challenges.  Instead of shying away from your scars why not embrace them in recognizing how strong you have become as a result.  The Kinsugi technique suggests that when something breaks it is not useless, we can repair it and it becomes even more beautiful. Similarly, if applied to your life’s journey: trauma, heartache, and all challenges may feel like they break you.  Allow yourself to go through a journey of healing, repairing and recovery. You will most likely come out stronger.  Challenges should be seen as opportunities to learn and grow.

Kintsugi teaches one to embrace your imperfections. It focuses on your strengths which is the same principle as Solution Focused therapy. It is these strengths and skills that you can use to overcome your challenges.

Practice living the Kintsugi way and assess what difference it makes for you.