Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a very difficult emotional journey. It is currently on the rise and appears to be continuing to increase. Divorce mediation is a process of dissolving the marriage is a non-adversarial way. Mediation is a non-legal negotiation process which aims to meet a compromise of needs for both parties. In mediation, solutions are sought which takes into account the needs of all family members.

My role as a mediator is to facilitate decision making with both parties. When the couple has children even though the marriage gets dissolved there is always continued contact.   Decisions are made in mediation about how to manage this contact which is in the best interest of your children and yourselves.

Mediation can occur pre-divorce or post-divorce in efforts to manage the process better. Divorce is never a win-win outcome. Mediation is aimed at ensuring that both parties feel that they have compromised equally.


Information taken from a booklet from the Family Life Centre where I did my training.